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Vyrva Pyotr Aleksandrovich, Postgraduate student, Siberian Federal University (6 Mayerchaka street, Krasnoyarsk, Russia),
Gutnik Sergey Iosifovich, Senior lecturer, sub-department of criminology and criminal science, Siberian Federal University (6 Mayerchaka street, Krasnoyarsk, Russia),

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Background. Legislation on personal data has been actively developing and changing. It regulates various spheres of society, including the educational sphere, setting different modes of information and personal data. One of the modes of personal data is the regime of medical confidentiality. However, students sometimes do not have the right idea about personal data protection and medical confidentiality keeping. It is therefore necessary to undertake preventive measures that would prevent violation of the right to privacy. The purpose of the article is to identify understanding of the mode of cofinedtiality of personal data falling under the regime of patient confidentiality among medical students, and to offer a number of measures to prevent violations of patient confidentiality among students.
Materials and methods. The goals and objectives of the study were achieved by analysis of the current legislation on personal data and patient confidentiality. The following research methods were used: the method of legal regulation analysis, the statistical method of questioning, the legalistic method, the logical method.
Results. The authors have studied the legal framework regulation of personal data falling under the legal regime of patient confidentiality, as well as the liability for illegal disclosure of information constituting a medical secret, as well as revealed problems with implementation of certain legal provisions relating to patient confidentiality. The researchers have conducted a survey of students of a medical school on the subject of awareness of the legal regime of information constituting a medical secret and revealed that not all of the respondents have the correct understanding of the normative regulation of this issue.
Conclusions. It is concluded that medical students are also carriers of personal data falling under the legal regime of medical confidentiality. Unfortunately, not all of the students surveyed are aware of the restrictions and prohibitions in respect of medical confidentiality. In this regard, in order to prevent illegal infringements of medical confidentiality, the authors propose a number of preventive measures for medical students.

Key words

confidentiality, privacy, medical confidentiality, medical universities, criminal liability, prevention of privacy violations.

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